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The Web

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Mosaic Browser Mosaic, which was created by Marc Andreessen and a team of students from NCSA at the University of Illinois, was the first browser in which text and images could be displayed on the same page. Lead to the development of the Netscape browser

National Science Foundation Network

NSFnet replaced ARPANET as the main government network. In 1995 it was replaced by a commercial Internet backbone.
Netscape Netscape Navigator which was released in 1994. Later versions were named Netscape Communications and eventually just Netscape. Netscape was very innovative it had support for javaScript, java, video, audio and Shockwave in turn Flash. It also included numberous other features. Netscape became very popular very quickly.

Pellow, Nicola Nicola Pellow created a simple text browser (Line Mode Browser) that could run on almost any computer.
PHP PHP which was originally called "Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools)", is a server side scripting language which is designed for the web.


Python is a dynamic language often used for server side scripting

Quirks Mode


When a browser renders a document in quirks mode, it interprets the CSS and HTML like older versions of the browser allowing for nonstandard code and workarounds.
van Rossum, Guido created Python, a dynamic language often used for server side scripting
World Wide Web Consortium

W3C is an international community whose aim is to develop Web standards and lead the Web to its full potential.

The Web Standards Project

Interested in the evolving web
It focuses primarily on the development of HTML and APIs needed for Web applications

The Web Standards Project

Promotes standards and Accessibility

World Wide Web Program
The World Wide Web Program is made up of:
URL- Universal Resource Locater, the address
HTTP - Hypetext Transfer Protocol, transmits text and graphics over TCP/IP
HTML- Hypertext Markup Language, describes how text and graphics should be displayed
Zen Garden Book and Website created by Dave Shea to promote the use of CSS